The Tapestry of Grace: Crafted by the Divine Weaver
by Lorraine Miller

Divine WebWeaver Publishing, 2010. ISBN 978-0-578-02015-0.
Reviewed by Penny Leisch
Posted on 08/11/2010

Nonfiction: Memoir; Nonfiction: Life Lessons; Nonfiction: Faith/Spirituality/Inspiration

Lorraine Miller's book, The Tapestry of Grace: Crafted by the Divine Weaver, compiles Miller's life story with her experiences in a variety of metaphysical arts, religion, and more. Throughout the book, well-known astrologer, Philip Comi, includes detailed comments and insight from his studies of Miller's astrological chart. In addition, there is a helpful reference guide to astrological terminology, and an interesting supplemental reading list. Readers with a strong background in astrology will enjoy the practical, application of the charts.

Miller's thirst for answers leads her to explore many paths, especially when she's searching for physical healing after a life-changing auto accident. However, like many of life's more adventurous explorers, early trauma and difficulties in day-to-day life sent her searching for answers that would bring peace and contentment, and Miller shares what she learns along the way. She also shares the things that disenchant her and cause her to move on hoping to find better answers. Her objective explanations and experiences help make the story a learning experience for the reader too.

Some drawbacks appear for readers, especially devout Christians, who may not be comfortable with the way Miller easily accepts and weaves metaphysical and alternative beliefs with Christianity. However, there's no question that Miller's experiences and answers are grounded in the Christian faith. For the most part, her research is solid and detailed. A few topics that appear to be incorrect may simply have taken place before today's information became common knowledge, such as changes in medical information and animal care. In places, the timeline was difficult to follow.

Furthermore, well written astrological comments derived from Philip Comi's charts and notes are too technical for readers not versed in astrological charts. I found it intrusive to keep flipping to the glossary and back to the chapter, so I gave much of that information minimal attention.

Miller's life isn't markedly different from others. Many people learn amazing life-lessons and experience startling revelations about themselves. However, Miller did a good job of explaining her journey and her conclusions, as well as showing great fortitude and creativity during tough times. The resources and additional reading list holds great potential for further explorations of any subject that piques the reader's curiosity.

While this isn't a particularly exciting read for someone who is already versed in many alternative ideologies, Miller presents a good example of a person who perseveres. In doing so, she learns to listen to her intuition and trust her instincts in new ways—a type of success many people never achieve.

Lorraine Miller is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and certified in a number of additional alternative healing modalities as well. In addition, she volunteers regularly at a local animal shelter. She willingly shares her spiritual insights in person, as well as in her book. Read more about Lorraine on the Manifestation Network website and on the SmashWords website.

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