Seafood Twice a Week
by Evie Hansen & Cindy Snyder, MPH, RD

National Seafood Educators, 1997. ISBN 0961642645.
Reviewed by Lee Ambrose
Posted on 10/29/2004

Nonfiction: Body Language; Nonfiction: Food/Cooking/Kitchen

When a friend recommended Seafood Twice a Week, I assumed I was getting a topical cookbook for my favorite protein source. My assumption was incorrect. This book is far more than just a seafood cookbook.

Indeed, the book is filled with many delicious recipes, but there is a wealth of information about the nutritional components of seafood as well as its important health benefits with respect to heart disease, diabetes and other chronic illnesses... particularly those of an immune or inflammatory nature.

Chapter Two provides a complete review of the safety concerns that have been addressed over the past several years with respect to seafood consumption. Taking safety a step further, Chapter Three deals with preparation of various categories of seafood. My favorite portion of that chapter addressed ways to make intelligent selections at a seafood counter. Armed with that information, I was able to abandon my usual practice of deferring to my husband the duty of shopping for seafood. But I do believe I will "forget" that the book includes details and pictures explaining how to dress a lobster. He does it so well.

Not since I read an Amish cookbook from the early 1900s have I found a cookbook that offers how-to's on topics related to procurement rather than preparation. Seafood Twice a Week carefully addresses "Concerns for the Recreational or Subsistence Angler" as well as issues of environmental contaminants and naturally occurring poisons from various seafoods.

Of course, there are those luscious recipes. No matter the occasion, you are sure to find several selections from which to choose. For that special event, why not try oyster champagne stew? If your friends are coming over for appetizers this weekend, you might want to tease their palates with hot crab and artichoke dip or shrimp-stuffed celery. The next time you're asked to bring a dish to a summer gettogether, you can't go wrong with such delights as island fresh cucumber salad or Chinese seafood salad.

The authors have given the seafood lover a wonderful gift. I have tried more than half of these recipes, and most are quick, easy to prepare, and easy on the budget. All have been beyond good. They are delightful alternatives to my worn out recipes. Nutritional information, diabetic exchanges, and suggestions for substitutions are included with each recipe.

Evie Hansen is a leader in seafood education. She is a published author and teaches year-round. She claims that her seafood experience is both practical and professional. Her fisherman husband has provided her with plenty of fish and seafood on which to try her recipes. She has appeared on television and has written articles for local newspapers as part of her crusade to better educate the public about the benefits of seafood.

Cindy Welke Snyder, MPH, RD, has written many consumer-related articles and is a frequently requested public speaker. Twelve of her over twenty years of nutrition experience were spent at Virginia Mason Medical Center in Seattle, Washington, where she counseled patients and families on various nutrition and disease states. She has also worked with female athletes and women with eating disorders.

The authors suggest Seafood Twice a Week. I could enjoy it every night of the week with this little book and its large selection of tasty choices.

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