Oracle Quest
by Lisa Wright DeGroodt

iUniverse, 2006. ISBN 978-0-595-39604-7.
Reviewed by Darla Grant
Posted on 10/20/2008

Fiction: Paranormal/Science Fiction/Fantasy; Fiction: Romance

Oracle Quest is a heartwarming fantasy tale that had me yearning to travel to the Land with Katie and meet its magical inhabitants.

Katie Gaber has reached that crossroads in her life between college graduation and a career. She feels like there is something missing, and that she is meant for more than just a normal nine-to-five job. She has no idea that her future is about to change so drastically or that she will be forced to re-evaluate everything in her life.

Katie falls asleep on the couch at the end of particularly rough day and wakes in an unfamiliar forest glen facing a strange man in long robes. He claims to be a wizard named Beaufin, who has magically transported her across the Void into a parallel dimension called the Land. Beaufin explains that he was able to magically transfer Katie to the Land because she has magical abilities. Katie can hardly believe Beaufin when he tells her that her power matches that of the Land's Prince and ruler, who has been kidnapped and imprisoned by the evil Master Wizard.

Beaufin's companion Maxt, the Captain of the Prince's guard, is also present to meet Katie. Maxt and Beaufin have been working together to locate and rescue the Prince. Katie suspends her doubts due to the magical power she is able to produce under Beaufin's direction. As the trio sets off, they are forced to hide from the Master Wizard. They meet the Seer of the Land, escape from the Wizard's army, and face the mythical Griffin on their journey to find the Prince. Along the way, Katie begins to tap into the strength hidden deeply within her. As she discovers her own powers, she also develops a true love of the Land.

When Katie meets Prince Stefan, the two have an immediate bond. As they fight together to defeat the evil wizard, Katie finds herself under his spell. The beautiful Land is a dimension with no knowledge of Evil, making its citizens vulnerable to Evil's deception. Katie's home, the World Dimension (modeled on modern Earth), has been fighting Evil for centuries and has successfully maintained a balance between Good and Evil. Thus, she is able to use her knowledge of Evil to fight against its presence in the Land's innocent dimension. The Land's need for her help fills her with purpose.

Oracle Quest was my first foray into the fantasy genre, and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip. Katie is an engaging character who had me cheering for her to succeed. DeGroodt has created an exceptional universe for her characters, one that is charming, innocent, dangerous, and fantastical all at the same time. I recommend this book to readers who love fantasy and self-discovery, especially young adults.

Lisa Wright DeGroodt lives in the Southwestern United States with her husband, two children and two cats, but alas, has no magic tree in her backyard. An avid reader her entire life, she is currently working on the Quest Series while juggling a full time job, motherhood and life in general. Visit her website.

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