Maggie's Miracle
by Karen Kingsbury

Warner Faith Books, Warner Books, Inc., 2003. ISBN 0446532304.
Reviewed by Lee Ambrose
Posted on 10/18/2003

Fiction: Christian

With Maggie's Miracle, readers are treated to the second of Karen Kingsbury's Red Gloves Project Christmas Story works of fiction. The author of more than a dozen "life-changing" works of fiction, is perhaps best known for her first Red Gloves story, Gideon's Gift. Kingsbury has incorporated "the red of Christmas, the red of a heart full of love and hope and Christmas miracles" into Maggie's Miracle as well.

The Red Gloves now have a cameo role in each of Kingsbury's Warner Christmas Stories. At the end of the book, readers can find a wide array of Red Gloves Projects in which to share the spirit of Christmas as close as one's own back yard, or as far away as the other side of the globe.

In Maggie's Miracle, readers are drawn into the stories of the three main characters. Each one is unique, yet each one is intertwined with the story of the other. In simple, heartfelt ways, Kingsbury offers a story of hope, of loves lost and found, and of the wonder of a child's answered prayer.

Megan Wright and her son Jordan are in search of love. The difference between them is that Jordan is looking for the love of a man who can step in and be a daddy to him. Megan, a driven professional woman, isn't even aware of her own searchings. She has allowed herself to wall off the emotional sides of her own being and her mother nature—no doubt, a defense mechanism to avoid getting hurt again. Though Megan is not looking for a relationship, her actions bring one to her doorstep in an unexpected manner.

Jordan's letter to God, asking for a father figure, sets Megan into a series of actions that will change the lives of her, her son and a man named Casey Cummins. Casey is searching, too. He is searching for a way to dull the pain of the tragic loss of his wife and son. When Casey volunteers for the Manhattan Children's Organization, and Megan enrolls Jordan in the same organization, three lives are destined for a change of near miracle proportions.

To share the outcome, or even the path to the outcome, would be to give away far too much of the story's charm and energy. Readers who like a good, wholesome love story will be delighted with Maggie's Miracle. Readers who are not familiar with Kingsbury or her Red Gloves Projects will find their own hearts touched by the Red Gloves.

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