Messages to Me:
Words Collected on the Road to Silence

by Margaret 'Meg' Coyle

One Body Books, 2007. ISBN 978-0978946807.
Reviewed by Tracie Nichols
Posted on 09/27/2007

Poetry; Nonfiction: Life Lessons; Nonfiction: Faith/Spirituality/Inspiration

Messages to Me is a gloriously naked celebration of Spirituality and Love as the breath of daily life. It weaves poetry, prayer, prose, and photographs into a tapestry that can appear like finest silk from one direction, and the roughest homespun from another. There is an uneven quality to the poetry that annoyed me at first because it didn't fit with the expectations I created, based on the lovely feel and visual appeal of the book. Reading and pondering a bit more, I realized that the seeming incongruity between the words and the visual impact of the book were similar to my own state-of-self when engaging a new experience. The exterior is poised, polished, visually appealing. The interior is raw, sometimes rumpled and sometimes radiant. The book was simply reflecting my own reality so clearly that I nearly missed it.

The author, Meg Coyle, greets readers in the beginning of the book by saying, "I will leave it to you to follow whatever movement brought this book into your hands and invite you to let it into your heart. It was written from mine, hoping to find yours." Moving through my annoyance that my (completely unrealistic!) expectations weren't being met, I found the opportunity to witness a woman's heart opening to me in a genuine gesture of generosity and compassion. What will you find? In the author's words, "The invitation has been issued to each of us to cross the line we have drawn in our lives between what we think we know, and move at last, into the larger wisdom that is always calling us."

Meg's poetry, written, danced or spoken, emerges from a lifetime of studying, teaching and learning with breath and movement. She has taught what she calls "conscious movement" in community for twenty-five years, exploring the connection between opening the heart and letting the body flow. Her teaching practice has been her vehicle for service, her ministry. Messages to Me is yet another form of her conscious intention to witness for Love in this world. See the author's website.

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