Live Your Dream

Live Your Dream Workbook
by Joyce Chapman

New Page Books, a division of The Career Press, Inc., 2002. ISBN 1564145328.
New Page Books, a division of The Career Press, Inc., 2002. ISBN 1564145336.
Reviewed by Maggie Knorr
Posted on 04/19/2002

Nonfiction: Life Lessons

The Live Your Dream companion set came along at just the right time in my life. My writing career is beginning to bear fruit, and opportunities are beginning to present themselves on a regular basis. While it is very exciting, it is also intimidating. Self-doubts begin to crop up. "What if I blow it? What if I bite off more than I can chew? How can I make the most of these opportunities and make them turn into additional opportunities? Is this the best thing to pursue at this time?" Thoughts like these were dancing around in my head when I received these books.

Though I had heard of Joyce Chapman, I had not looked into her books on journaling because I was so busy with discussion and critique groups. As many ladies spoke enthusiastically on the internet about her books and workshops, so I felt confident that her work would make use of journaling (my favourite technique) to guide me in my quest.

Live Your Dream is a fabulous tool and resource for helping you brainstorm, visualize, form and pursue the dream you have deep inside - the dream you need to follow in your life right now to be a complete and satisfied individual. Joyce, who has a master's degree in counseling psychology, writes in a conversational style that is reassuring, encouraging and challenging. She presents the problem and the challenge, then guides you through the steps to find and develop your dream.

The book guides the reader gently, with steps that move you gradually closer to the goal. It includes charts to help track your progress and organize your life, while the workbook guides you through your thoughts and intents on this journey.

Chapter One helps define the dream. The reader is led through preparations steps, a guided visualization. Then, zeroing in, it aids in forming a statement to describe that dream in a nutshell and in forming a dreamwork checklist. Chapter Two prompts you to clear away obstructions so you can be clear about your dream. This is done by challenging you to identify obstacles and begin looking at circumstances from a new point of view - giving your dream priority time and visualising it through collages.

Attitude is everything. Chapter Three discusses the development of a winning attitude by using positive accountability in your life, visualising and utilising the child in yourself, overcoming unfinished business, developing an attitude that sets you up to succeed, making a commitment, striving for excellence in everything you do, and using affirmations to empower your dream.

Chapter Four describes taking inventory and taking charge. Here you crystalise your progress, see if you life lives up to your values, learn how to stay motivated, pinpoint natural gifts and talents, and put your values, motivators and talents to work for you. Chapter Five deals with your power to turn negatives into positives. It demonstrates such things as how to look beyond the struggle, the power of your dream to weather the storm, finding the elusive gift, determining payoffs and choosing healthy ones, focusing on what you want rather than problems, the power of your word, and turning weaknesses into strengths. In Chapter Six, Joyce dares the reader to stretch and expand, and offers tips for keeping the dream alive in Chapter Seven. Remaining focused on goals is aided by working with your dreamwork checklist at the end of each chapter.

The workbook is an excellent companion tool, guiding an in-depth exploration of the important points of each chapter. Questions allow you to sketch, investigate and polish your thoughts and ideals, gradually forming a vision that continuously sharpens in focus.

I appreciated the down-to-earth instruction and gentle leading provided in the book. Reading and working through this companion set is like working under the gentle, loving guidance of a life coach. It was empowering to work through a vision and see it begin to take shape in my life.

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