Get It Done: From Procrastination to Creative Genius in 15 Minutes a Day
by Sam Bennett

New World Library, 2014. ISBN 978-1-608-68210-2.
Reviewed by Mary Ann Moore
Posted on 05/19/2014

Nonfiction: Creative Life

There's such enthusiasm in Sam Bennett's book, Get It Done, that I was happy to keep reading and following her suggestions. As my intent for this year is to finish projects already started I welcomed her advice and practical solutions.

One of her "short hand" tips is to pick the project that's closest to being done. As with a credit card you're planning to pay off "pick the one that has the highest 'interest' rate and finish that one."

Bennett offers five quick questions pertaining to one of the many projects you're procrastinating on. You can repeat this exercise with five possible projects that matter to you.

The Pure Preference exercise helps you figure out "the project you would choose if money and time were no object, if your results were guaranteed, and if you knew for sure no one's feelings would be hurt in the process."

I definitely had fun listing my projects and going through the exercise. There wasn't an absolutely clear winner and Bennett has five questions to answer in that case.

Each chapter ends with an "Action Step", and right from the beginning the suggestions have to do with "playing around with your favorite project" for fifteen minutes. That's before checking your email.

I've come to follow that practice and it's very wise advice. You connect to your own work first before attending to the demands of others. And as Bennett points out that because you've plunged "into your day knowing that you've already made even a little bit of progress on the work that is dearest to your heart will improve your whole world."

Sam Bennett deals with all the issues that can get in the way of creativity including procrastination, perfectionism and the question: "Who are you to do this anyway?"

Budget is dealt with and as Bennett says: "Knowing exactly what you need allows you to find exactly what you need. Staying vague is staying stuck."

I followed the suggested exercise and wrote down all the ways a sum of money could come into my life. I came up with inventive ideas as well as acknowledged the many ways I'm putting my work into the world right now.

Dealing with time is another challenge and Bennett tackles it by having readers consider what they do now and to put an asterisk beside the tasks only they can do; the other tasks could be assigned to other people. The goal: remove one thing from your schedule, permanently.

Sam Bennett makes anything sound possible if you just give it fifteen minutes a day. There's humor in the book and lots of useful exercises and inspiring examples. Even though we may not know her personally it's reassuring to know Sam Bennett is cheering us on.

Sam Bennett is the creator of the Organized Artist Company. In addition to her multifaceted writing and performance work, she specializes in personal branding, career strategies, and small-business marketing. She grew up in Chicago and now lives in a tiny beach town outside Los Angeles. Visit her website.

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