Circles in the Sand
by E.J. "Samadhi" Whitehouse

Trafford, 2005. ISBN 1412041902.
Reviewed by Lee Ambrose
Posted on 04/24/2006

Nonfiction: Memoir; Nonfiction: Travel/Adventure; Nonfiction: Faith/Spirituality/Inspiration; Nonfiction: Body Language

Women everywhere will applaud the writings found within Whitehouse's Circles in the Sand. There is a little bit of every woman's story in her story. There are some parts of her story that some women will never experience. But the one universal truth in Whitehouse's story is that women who take necessary risks to search their souls and define themselves reach a point of being keenly aware of who they are.

From the Dedication page: "To my family - this is who I am." With that one powerful statement, Whitehouse drew me in and didn't let me go until I reached the final word of this powerful book.

Circles in the Sand is Whitehouse's very personal memoir of her quest to understand the events of her past and to move beyond them. Daring to do what few women would dare to do, Whitehouse travels through the Middle East on an emotional and spiritual journey to "find herself." What she found by the time she had completed her journey was the window into her soul and a degree of self-love, self-acceptance and confidence that allowed her to share her journey with others.

From the About the Author page: "Edna Whitehouse now goes by the name 'Samadhi,' which means 'Being one with the Divine and being in the moment.'" "A writer who has never forgotten what it feels like to be young and be silenced, Samadhi's messages are: Break the cycle of dysfunction. Be heard. Take back your own power. Go girls!"

The author's work deals with a number of very painful topics, including incest, homophobia and the brutal devaluing of women in the cultures of the Middle East. Through such specific topics and through some very common threads in the lives of all women, readers come to know not only Whitehouse, but the Middle East through her eyes and the beauty in women basking in the midst of other women to claim or re-claim their power.

Whitehouse is currently working on a second book titled Separated at Birth. With her comfortable writing style and her depth of character and substance, I will be eagerly awaiting this book's release!

To read more about Samadhi, see her website:

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