Celebrate Your Dream

Celebrate Your Dream Workbook
by Joyce Chapman

New Page Books, a division of The Career Press, Inc., 2002. ISBN 1564145638.
New Page Books, a division of The Career Press, Inc., 2002. ISBN 1564145646.
Reviewed by Maggie Knorr
Posted on 05/23/2002

Nonfiction: Life Lessons

In Live Your Dream, Joyce challenges in step-by-step method to discover your dream. This intensive and comprehensive set is followed with Celebrate Your Dream. In this book/workbook set you are going to take your dreamwork to the next level. Having discovered your dream and taken steps to begin living it, in Celebrate Your Dream you learn to make this dream into something greater than what you have already experienced. The chapters give clear guidance, thought provoking questions, activities and plenty of lined pages for you to write about your reactions and resolutions to what has been presented in the chapter.

Chapter One deals with "Opening the Door to a New Dream." It guides you through discovering a new dream—or new facet to an old one—liberating it and addressing consciousness as unexplored territory. Chapter Two addresses "Breaking Free of Old Mindsets" through examining old mindsets, embracing new viewpoints, finding the flaw, moving beyond perceived limitation, untying the knots of forgotten perceptions, liberating your limitation, accepting no limits, thinking big, moving forward, growing and expanding.

Chapter Three addresses "Living From Your Fullest Spirit Power" by claiming your biggest dream, higher dreams, universal endeavors, unleashing your mental energy, accepting personal power, altering outmoded concepts of power, assuming total responsibility, understanding the danger that comes from ego, learning to respond without ego, recognizing ego in yourself, denying personal power, ego and power, writing a new definition, combining spiritual power and personal power, visible signs of spirit and personal power, and asking yourself how much power you want.

Chapter Four has you "Crossing the Threshold." Joyce explains that persisting allows for small successes along the way, and addresses going beyond initial accomplishments, taking time to think and dream, dreaming big dreams, graphing your way to knowing whose dream you're pursuing, replacing the old with the new, running into your fears, getting clarity through self-inventory, aligning with what you want and need, telling your own truth, placing yourself in empowering environments, using your empowerment team, identifying the characteristics that empower you as well as talking about your dream giving it a power of its own.

Following up all this exploration and formulation, Chapter Five covers "Living Your Dream in the Real World." Here you find direction on attitude, moving beyond excuses, correcting your course when you hit a real-life barrier, regrouping when things aren't going the way you planned, daily practices for when you're stuck, moving beyond giving up, moving past the advice and opinions of others, learning to prescribe for yourself, notifying yourself and others if your focus changes, visualizing yourself back in the good times, going beyond your own perceptions and living congruently with the dream.

Joyce wraps up the book with "Celebrating Your Dreams" in Chapter Six. You learn soaring in the new dimension, establishing and staying in the now, benefitting others, celebrating the passion of life, giving yourself permission to truat and commit, celebrating at work, celebrating in times of loss and sorrow, knowing when and what to celebrate, knowing who to celebrate with, celebrating celebration and thinking personally but acting globally.

The companion workbook helps you venture deeper into the principles brought out in each chapter, and helps you put them into action. It helps you to move from formulation to foundation and then to fruition.

I really enjoy the layout of Joyce's books and their practicality. They are designed to be interactive. At times I almost feel as if she is the room speaking to me. The gentle but firm, down-to-earth conversational tone of the books encourages and motivates. It's just like having your own dream coach on call 24/7.

I strongly believe in writing to help people discover themselves, gain new insights and plan for the future. Joyce's books use this kind of writing as the main tool to guide you to celebrate your dream. If you work with them sincerely, you will open a whole new world for yourself.

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