Blood Moon
by A. W. Gryphon

Sense of Wonder Press, 2008. ISBN 978-1-596-63609-5.
Reviewed by Darla Grant
Posted on 08/05/2008

Fiction: Paranormal/Science Fiction/Fantasy; Fiction: Thriller

A.W. Gryphon's Blood Moon is a masterfully written chronicle of the struggle of Witches and Wiccans through modern times.

Gryphon's sense of history and lore is woven through the story of Amelia Pivens, whose mother is murdered during a magic ritual performed on the Autumn Equinox. Seven year old Amelia was present for the ritual. Attempting to save her mother, she calls on the universal powers with her untested magic. All the witnesses of her fledgling powers were astounded by her strength and control. As the power builds to a crescendo, Amelia flees the scene leaving death behind her.

Amelia's life changes drastically after her mother's death. Her father dismisses all aspects of witchcraft from their lives and relocates them to London. Amelia has no contact with witchcraft for twenty years while she devotes herself to becoming a successful art critic at the National Gallery. But with the approach of her twenty-eighth birthday, Amelia is suddenly drawn back into the world of The Craft. She finds she may be part of a centuries-old prophesy meant to bring balance to The Craft and banish their enemies. At the same time, she is exposed to the people responsible for her mother's death. As Amelia reconnects with her magic, her power grows along with the threat surrounding her.

Gryphon's world of Witches fits seamlessly into a contemporary landscape in which The Craft is unusual, but practiced. She creates The Organization, a brilliant opposition to the Witches and the source of witch hunting and persecution for centuries. She weaves Pagan lore and history together in a compelling and extremely well-written story of love, loss and magic. Amelia must suspend her distrust for The Craft, which she feels took her mother away, as she learns the truth behind other painful moments in her life. Gryphon leaves the reader wanting more. I read it in one sitting, and eagerly await the second installment. This is a book that will be enjoyed by lovers of fantasy and intrigue.

A.W. Gryphon is a screenwriter and author living in Southern California. Blood Moon is her first novel, although she has won many awards for her screenplays. She is currently working on the sequel to Blood Moon. Visit her website.

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