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StarBurst "StarBurst" Reviewer: Doris Anne Roop-Benner

Doris Anne Roop-Benner     I have lived in Richardson, Texas, since 1973 and been a member of Story Circle since its creation in 1997. Born and raised in Philadelphia, I have been married to Bob for 42 years. We have three daughters, two sons-in-law, two granddaughters, six grandsons, and a new seven-year-old "puppy" named Duke that we adopted from the Richardson Humane Society. My hobbies include reading, music, genealogy, playing the piano, practicing yoga, golf, exercise, gardening, and being a sports fanatic. Sleep is optional. As a writer, I enjoy sharing with others all the interesting stories I have to tell. I draw on my life as a girl, growing up before Equal Rights was an issue, losing my mother at an early age, being raised a Catholic, forty years of volunteerism, and my experiences as a mother/grandmother. I have had short stories, reviews, and poetry published in a number of small magazines. I became a book reviewer because I'm interested in writings by and about women and their particular issues, especially stories that feature strong, competent women. As an inveterate reader and writer, I like passing along my thoughts on the books I've read.

  1. Adams, Cathy Cassani. The Self-Aware Parent

  2. Advani, Jamuna Devi. Land of the Dancing Deer

  3. Aldersmith, Nancy. Crocheted Gestures

  4. Andrus, Susan M. Beyond Mars & Venus

  5. Azrael, Judith. Wherever I Wander

  6. Baier, Ingrid. Fish On

  7. Barr-Toman, Susan. When Love Was Clean Underwear

  8. Bivona, Ginnie Siena. Notes From A Chameleon

  9. Bond, Alma H. Camille Claudel: A Novel

  10. Bond, Alma H. Old Age is a Terminal Illness

  11. Campbell, Liza. The Dissemblers

  12. Carpenter, Liz. Start With A Laugh: An Insider's Guide to Roasts, Toasts, Eulogies and Other Speeches

  13. Cocchio, D. L. Magic by Moonlight

  14. Cole, Joni B. Another Bad-Dog Book

  15. Conant, Susan. All Shots

  16. Cromer, Michelle. Where Am I Going?

  17. Cross, Donna Woolfolk. Pope Joan

  18. Ellerbee, Linda. Take Big Bites

  19. Frolander, Patricia. Married Into It

  20. Higgins, Anne M. Digging for God

  21. Jocelyn, Marthe. Scribbling Women

  22. Kelly, Mary Pat. Galway Bay

  23. Kent, Kathleen. The Wolves of Andover

  24. Kupecek, Linda. The Rebel Cook: Entertaining Advice for the Clueless

  25. Lambright, Jeanie Sutton. They Also Served: Women's Stories from the World War II Era

  26. Lerner, Harriet Goldhor. The Dance of Anger: A Woman's Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships

  27. Lisboa, Adriana. Hut of Fallen Persimmons

  28. Lohse, Joyce B. Baby Doe Tabor

  29. Margolis, Elaine. Something Hidden

  30. McFall, E. J. Sisters Odd: Curious Bedtime Tales

  31. Nava, Margaret. Mariposa Landing

  32. Olson, Colonel Kim. Iraq and Back

  33. Paparelli, Karin M. Building the Kingdom

  34. Parkhurst, Bodie. Past Lives: A Journey

  35. Polo, Amber. Relaxing the Writer

  36. Riney-Kehrberg, Pamela. Always Plenty to Do

  37. Rizer, Fran. Hey Diddle Diddle, the Corpse and the Fiddle

  38. Ross, M. Jane, editor. Kitchen Table Stories

  39. Seale, Jan Epton. Airlift: Short Stories

  40. Seki, Sunny. Yuko-Chan and the Daruma Doll

  41. Simms, Laura. Our Secret Territory

  42. Smith, Anne Marie & Michelle Gamble-Risley. Second Bloom: 10 Steps to Reinvent, Rejuvenate and Realize a New Life

  43. Soules, Aline. Meditation on Woman

  44. Stahura, Barbara. What I Thought I Knew

  45. Stone, Kelly L. Thinking Write

  46. Stuart, Marilyn. Lily: A Story of Love

  47. Toor, Rachel. Personal Record: A Love Affair with Running

  48. Wahlder, Michele. Alphatudes

  49. Ware, Susan. Game, Set, Match

  50. Watanabe, Caroline. My Many Sisters

  51. Williams, Sara. One Big Itch


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