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SuperStar "SuperStar" Reviewer: Ann McCauley

Ann McCauley    

Ann McCauley (the penname of Cheryl Bazzoui) is the author of three novels: Runaway Grandma (2007), Mother Love (2012), and Pressure Cooker Christmas (2017). She is a contributor to the anthologies Women Writing on Family: Tips on Writing, Teaching and Publishing (2012) and Women Writing After Retirement (2014). Ann also reviews books for WPSU, her local NPR radio station and Her work has been published in magazines, writing journals and newspapers. She is an RN, with degrees in Nursing, Psychology, and earned her master's in Creative Writing in 2014 from Wilkes University.

Ann has completed another novel as well as an anthology. She is currently editing her husband's memoir, in addition to working on her next novel.

Ann enjoys reading and spending time with her husband, their dog Lucas, friends, and family which now includes five adult children, ten grandchildren, and seven great grandchildren. For more info, visit her website.

  1. Alter, Judy. The Gilded Cage

  2. Cramer, Marina Antropow. Roads

  3. Dean, Debra. Hidden Tapestry

  4. Drayton, Joanne. The Search for Anne Perry

  5. Dweller, Diane. Mom, Mania, and Me: Surviving and Changing a Volatile Relationship

  6. Ferraro, D. and Patricia Florio. Jewels of San Fedele

  7. Friedland, Jacqueline. Trouble the Water

  8. Grote, Christine M. Where Memories Meet

  9. Harlen, Heather. Hope You Guess My Name

  10. Harlen, Heather. Shame, Shame, I Know Your Name

  11. Harris, Rachael Lee. My Autistic Awakening: Unlocking the Potential for a Life Well Lived

  12. Harrison, Mettie Ivie. His Right Hand

  13. Hawthorne, Fran. The Heirs

  14. Hepworth, Sally. The Secrets of Midwives

  15. Hetrick, Tammy Flanders. Stella Rose

  16. Hocker, Joyce Lynnette. The Trail to Tincup

  17. Jackson, Joan L. Just in Time

  18. Jenner, Gail L. Ankle High and Knee Deep: Women Reflect On Western Rural Life

  19. Justice, Faith L. Twilight Empress

  20. Keen, Thia. A Quiet Fear

  21. Leveen, Lois. Juliet's Nurse

  22. Levine, Jessica. Nothing Forgotten

  23. Limata, Carole Lee. Ellis Angels on the Move

  24. Loewenstein, Laurie. Unmentionables

  25. Mackenzie, Lily Iona. Fling!

  26. Marsh, Susan. War Creek

  27. Martin, Gale. Don Juan in Hankey, PA

  28. McCloy, Lillian. Six Car Lengths Behind An Elephant

  29. Parker, Ann. A Dying Note

  30. Rycraft, R.A. and Leslie What, editors. Winter Tales II: Women on the Art of Aging

  31. Sienkiewicz, Linda K. In the Context of Love

  32. Stafford, Mary Bryan. The Last Whippoorwill

  33. Taylor, Barbara J. All Waiting is Long

  34. Taylor, Barbara J. Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night

  35. Tierney-Bedord, Holly. Sweet Hollow Women

  36. Tilghman, Romalyn. To the Stars Through Difficulties

  37. Trimble, Mary E. Maureen

  38. Wafler, Elizabeth Sumner. In Robin's Nest

  39. Ward, Amanda Eyre. The Same Sky

  40. Wayman, Lisa M. Longing for Home

  41. Wood, Marilyn Nesbit. The Day the Whistle Blew


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