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Barbara Heming
Editor Editor Star "Star" Reviewer

Barbara Heming     Ever since she learned to read, Barbara Heming has been a voracious reader. For her a snow day was a gift of time to journey into the worlds sandwiched between the covers of a book. She pursued a Ph.D. in Hispanic Languages and Literature which opened doors into literature of other cultures. After moving to a remote canyon in northern New Mexico a few years ago, she turned her attention to her lifelong dream of writing fiction and has now completed a number of short stories and her first novel. Death Wins the Crown was published in 2011. A second novel is in progress. She also gives tours at Georgia O'Keeffe's Home And Studio in Abiquiu, New Mexico. Barbara discovered the Story Circle Network in 2007 when a friend sent her a brochure for the What Wildness is This? Conference. She became a member and was a presenter at Stories From the Heart IV in 2008. She is a SCBR Editor and Reviewer, contributor to True Words from Real Women Annual Anthology, and judge for the Sarton Literary Awards. Thanks, Barbara, for all you do for SCBR!

  1. Allman, Victoria. SEAsoned: A Chef's Journey with Her Captain

  2. Crockett, Jessie. Live Free or Die: A Granite State Mystery

  3. Dexter, Hollye. Fire Season: My Journey from Ruin to Redemption

  4. Flanagan, Eileen. Renewable: One Woman's Search for Simplicity, Faithfulness, and Hope

  5. Hall, Linda. Night Watch: An Em Ridge Mystery

  6. Ivester, Jo. The Outskirts of Hope: A Memoir of the 1960s Deep South

  7. Kashani-Sabet, Firoozeh. Martyrdom Street

  8. Kennedy, Miranda. Sideways on a Scooter: Life and Love in India

  9. Kessler, Ann, O.S.B. with Neville Ann Kelly. Benedictine Men and Women of Courage: Roots and History

  10. Nesbit, TaraShea. The Wives of Los Alamos: A Novel

  11. Swan, Laura. The Wisdom of the Beguines: The Forgotten Story of a Medieval Women's Movement


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