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SuperNova "SuperNova" Reviewer: Judith Helburn

Judith Helburn     Judith Helburn has been involved with Sage-ing® since 1994. She is currently Editor of the SG Communicator and member of the Outreach Committee for the international Sage-ing Guild. Past national Sage-ing activities include Training Coordinator and member of the Coordinating Circle. Judith works with seniors in several other programs in Austin, Texas, including the Older Women's Legacy (OWL)-Circle memoir program of Story Circle Network.

She served on the SCN board for 10 years and became the first president after our mentor Susan Wittig Albert stepped down from her presidency. She facilitates a SCN writing group and writes book reviews for Story Circle's website. Judith's two children, their spouses and grandchildren live near-by. She has been called the "weird" grandmother and is flattered. She and her husband travel often and are under the domination of three cats.

Judith Helburn specializes in reviewing books about Elders.

  1. Albert, Susan Wittig. Bleeding Hearts

  2. Albert, Susan Wittig. The Tale of Cuckoo Brow Wood

  3. Albert, Susan Wittig. A Dilly of a Death

  4. Albert, Susan Wittig. Spanish Dagger

  5. Albert, Susan Wittig. The Tale of Holly How

  6. Albert, Susan Wittig, Susan Hanson, Jan Epton Seale, Paula Stallings Yost, editors. What Wildness is This: Women Write About the Southwest

  7. Alexander, Alma. Secrets of Jin-shei

  8. Allen, K. Eileen. I Like Being Old

  9. Allende, Isabel. Island Beneath the Sea

  10. Allende, Isabel. Portrait in Sepia

  11. Allende, Isabel. Zorro

  12. Athill, Diana. Somewhere Towards the End

  13. Barrett, Andrea. The Air We Breathe

  14. Berg, Elizabeth. Open House

  15. Bernhard, Toni. How to Live Well with Chronic Pain and Illness: A Mindful Guide

  16. Blair, Pamela. The Next Fifty Years

  17. Bloom, Amy. Away

  18. Brown, Eleanor. The Weird Sisters

  19. Cambor, Kathleen. In Sunlight in a Beautiful Garden

  20. Cameron, Julia. Floor Sample

  21. Caram, Eve La Salle. Trio

  22. Carl, JoAnna. The Chocolate Snowman Murders

  23. Crough, Sandra. Memoirs of a Brown-Skin Gyal

  24. Crum, Laura. Chasing Cans

  25. de Hennezel, Marie. The Art of Growing Old

  26. de los Santos, Lita. La Familia de los Santos

  27. Dean, Debra. The Madonnas of Leningrad

  28. Duncker, Patricia. The Strange Case of the Composer and His Judge

  29. Edgar, Robin. In My Mother's Kitchen

  30. Edwards, Kim. The Memory Keeper's Daughter

  31. Ehrenreich, Barbara. Nickel and Dimed: On [Not] Getting By in America

  32. Ellis, Neenah. If I Live to be 100: Lessons from the Centenarians

  33. Erdrich, Louise. Plague of Doves

  34. Etzioni-Halevy, Eva. The Triumph of Deborah

  35. Eve, Nomi. The Family Orchard

  36. Fishkoff, Sue. Kosher Nation

  37. Flathouse, Pat, with Catherine Cogburn and Susan Wittig Albert. Your Life, Your Story: A Book to Help You Capture Your Memories

  38. Freed, Rachael. Women's Lives, Women's Legacies: Passing Your Beliefs and Blessings to Future Generations

  39. Freeman, Kimberley. Wildflower Hill

  40. Garrison, Gene. Widowhood Happens

  41. Gerber, Merrill Joan. The Victory Gardens of Brooklyn: A Novel

  42. Gilbert, Elizabeth. Eat, Pray, Love: One Woman's Search for Everything Across Italy, India and Indonesia

  43. Goldberg, Natalie. Thunder and Lightning: Cracking Open the Writer's Craft

  44. Goldman, Connie. Late Life Love

  45. Goldman, Connie. The Gifts of Caregiving

  46. Graham, Katherine. Personal History

  47. Graves, Ashna. Death Pans Out

  48. Hall, Carolyn. Sweeping Up Glass

  49. Hall, Kathleen. If the Moon Had Willow Trees

  50. Hall, Kathleen. Livonia: The Whitest City

  51. Hall, Kathleen & Bonner Hardegree. The Otherness Factor

  52. Hart, Melissa. Gringa

  53. Hoblitzelle, Olivia Ames. Aging with Wisdom

  54. Hoff, Agatha. Burning Horses

  55. Hoffman, Alice. Skylight Confessions

  56. Holstein, Dr. Barbara Becker. The Truth: My Secret Diary. I'm 10. I'm smart. And I know everything!

  57. Horn, Dara. In the Image

  58. Houston, Pam. Contents May Have Shifted

  59. Howell, Georgina. Gertrude Bell: Queen of the Desert, Shaper of Nations

  60. Jaeschke, S. Jazz. Significance: Life Drawn From a Naturalized Poet

  61. Jim, Patda. Ring Go Round

  62. Johnson, Marilyn. This Book is Overdue!

  63. Johnston, Linda O. Double Dog Dare

  64. Kai, Irene. Golden Mountain

  65. Kelby, N.M. In the Company of Angels

  66. Kidd, Sue Monk. The Secret Life of Bees

  67. Krauss, Nicole. The History of Love

  68. Kingsolver, Barbara. Small Wonder

  69. Konigsberg, Ruth Davis. The Truth About Grief

  70. Kreinin, Tamara & Barbara Camens. Girls' Night Out: Celebrating Women's Groups Across America

  71. Larsen, Deborah. The White

  72. Lawrence-Lightfoot, Sara. The Third Chapter

  73. Lessing, Doris. The Cleft

  74. Levinson, Leila. Gated Grief

  75. Lisboa, Adriana. Symphony in White

  76. Lustbader, Wendy. Life Gets Better

  77. Mann, Reva. The Rabbi's Daughter

  78. Matzkin, Alice & Richard. The Art of Aging

  79. Mayes, Frances. A Year in the World: Journeys of a Passionate Traveller

  80. Mazetti, Katarina (Translated by Sarah Death). Benny & Shrimp

  81. McCash, June Hall. A Titanic Love Story

  82. McCauley,Lucy, Amy G. Carlson & Jennifer Leo, editors. A Woman's Path

  83. McLennan, Barbara. The Wealth of Jamestown

  84. Morgan, Deborah. Writing Out Loud

  85. Mountain Dreamer, Oriah. What We Ache For: Creativity and the Unfolding of Your Soul

  86. Murdock, Maureen. Fathers' Daughters: Breaking the Ties That Bind

  87. Myers, Tamar. As the World Churns

  88. Namu, Yang Erche & Christine Mathieu. Leaving Mother Lake: a Girlhood at the Edge of the World

  89. Newhouse, Meg. Legacies of the Heart

  90. Norton, Lisa Dale. Hawk Flies Above: Journey to the Heart of the Sandhills

  91. Oliver, Mary. Long Life: Essays and Other Writings

  92. Orsborn, Carol. Fierce with Age: Chasing God and Squirrels in Brooklyn

  93. Orsborn, Carol. The Year I Saved My (downsized) Soul

  94. Orsborn, Carol & Robert Weber. The Spirituality of Age: A Seeker's Guide to Growing Older

  95. Packer, Ann. The Dive from Clausen's Pier

  96. Packer, ZZ. Drinking Coffee Elsewhere

  97. Patrick, Phaedra. The Curious Charms of Arthur Pepper

  98. Penney, Stef. The Tenderness of Wolves

  99. Phifer, Nan. Memoirs of the Soul

  100. Pokras, Barbara & Fran Pokras Yariv. Feeding Mrs. Moskowitz & the Caregiver

  101. Polo, Amber. Flying Free

  102. Pratt, Sarah Rodriguez. Choose Your Weapon

  103. Prince-Hughes, Dawn. Songs of the Gorilla Nation

  104. Proulx, Annie. That Old Ace in the Hole

  105. Provoost, Anne. In the Shadow of the Ark

  106. Quindlen, Anne. Blessings

  107. Quinlan, Kathie. Blessing Our Goodbyes

  108. Raab, Diana. Listening to Africa

  109. Remen, Rachel Naomi, M.D. My Grandfather's Blessings: Stories of Strength, Refuge, and Belonging

  110. Roiphe, Anne. Epilogue

  111. Rosenblatt, Carolyn. The Boomer's Guide to Aging Parents

  112. Rubin, Lillian. 60 On Up: The Truth About Aging in America

  113. Santiago, Esmeralda. When I was Puerto Rican and Almost a Woman

  114. Shaffer, Mary Ann and Annie Barrows. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society

  115. Shapiro, Rochelle Jewel. Miriam the Medium

  116. Smallwood, Carol and Cynthia Brackett-Vincent. Contemporary American Women

  117. Solomon, Anna. The Little Bride

  118. Styne, Marlys Marshall. Elder Expectations: My Life in Rictameters

  119. Vreeland, Susan. Girl in Hyacinth Blue

  120. Vreeland, Susan. The Passion of Artemisia

  121. Warner, Barb. Keep Your Fork—Dessert Is on the Way: Savoring the Second Half of Life

  122. Weinberg, Janet Amalia, editor. Still Going Strong: Memoirs, Stories, & Poems About Great Older Women

  123. Wildwind, Sharon. First Murder in Advent

  124. Wildwind, Sharon. Missing, Presumed Wed

  125. Wildwind, Sharon. Soldier on the Porch

  126. Windrum, Deborah F. Harvest the Bounty of Your Career

  127. Winegarten, Debra. There's Jews in Texas?


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