Recent Reviews/Interviews/Features



  1. Greene, Gayle. Missing Persons (reviewed by Mary Potter Kenyon, 11/13/2017)
  2. Hasselstrom, Linda. Gathering from the Grassland: A Plains Journal (reviewed by Susan J. Tweit, 11/07/2017)
  3. Trimble, Mary E. Maureen (reviewed by Ann McCauley, 11/07/2017)



  4. Alter, Judy. The Color of Fear (reviewed by Diane Stanton, 10/30/2017)
  5. Dunn, Sharon. Under a Dark Eye (reviewed by Mary Potter Kenyon, 10/30/2017)
  6. Bean, Pat. Travels With Maggie (reviewed by Mary Potter Kenyon, 10/23/2017)
  7. Chambers, Ruth Coe. House on the Forgotten Coast (reviewed by Lee Ambrose, 10/23/2017)
  8. Krulick-Belin, Jan. Love, Bill (reviewed by D Ferrara, 10/23/2017)



  9. Gendler, Annette. Jumping Over Shadows: A Memoir (reviewed by Mary Potter Kenyon, 09/28/2017)
  10. Hinchliff, Nancy R. Operatic Divas and Naked Irishmen (reviewed by D Ferrara, 09/28/2017)
  11. Ridley, Barbara. When It's Over (reviewed by D Ferrara, 09/28/2017)
  12. Ogden, Jenni. interview (conducted by Pat Bean, 09/25/2017)
  13. Wild, Cathy. Wild Ideas: Creativity from the Inside Out (reviewed by Pat Bean, 09/22/2017)
  14. Fillmore, Mary. interview (conducted by Pat Bean, 09/21/2017)
  15. Galli, Rebecca Faye Smith. Rethinking Possible: A Memoir of Resiliance (reviewed by Mary Potter Kenyon, 09/05/2017)
  16. Raab, Diana. Writing for Bliss: A Seven-Step Plan for Telling Your Story and Transforming Your Life (reviewed by Mary Ann Moore, 09/05/2017)
  17. Dempsey, Joan. This is How it Begins (reviewed by B. Lynn Goodwin, 09/04/2017)
  18. Osborn, Carolyn. Durations (reviewed by Christine Baleshta, 09/04/2017)