Recent Reviews/Interviews/Features



  1. Tierney-Bedord, Holly. Sweet Hollow Women (reviewed by Ann McCauley, 06/22/2018)
  2. Harrigan, Sharon. Playing with Dynamite (reviewed by Mary Jo Doig, 06/21/2018)
  3. Kane, Donna. Summer of the Horse (reviewed by Mary Ann Moore, 06/21/2018)
  4. Hasselstrom, Linda. interview (conducted by Pat Bean, 06/20/2018)
  5. Volker, Christine. interview (conducted by Pat Bean, 06/20/2018)
  6. Strader, Linda. Summers of Fire: A Memoir of Adventure, Love and Courage (reviewed by Susan J. Tweit, 06/10/2018)
  7. Pelman, Barbara. Narrow Bridge (reviewed by Mary Ann Moore, 06/08/2018)
  8. Clark, Kim. A One-Handed Novel (reviewed by Mary Ann Moore, 06/05/2018)



  9. Love, Ethel Waxham and J. David Love, edited by Frances Love Froidevaux and Barbara Love. Life on Muskrat Creek: A Homestead Family in Wyoming (reviewed by Susan J. Tweit, 05/25/2018)
  10. Justice, Faith L. Twilight Empress (reviewed by Ann McCauley, 05/07/2018)
  11. Starfire, Amber Lea. Accidental Jesus Freak: One Woman's Journey from Fundamentalism to Freedom (reviewed by Pat Bean, 05/07/2018)
  12. Hodges, Renee. Saving Bobby: Heroes and Heroin in One Small Community (reviewed by Shawn LaTorre, 05/01/2018)



  13. Dean, Debra. Hidden Tapestry (reviewed by Ann McCauley, 04/23/2018)
  14. Draves, Nancy, editor. A Promise Fulfilled: The Kitty Anderson Diary and Civil War Texas, 1861 (reviewed by Susan Schoch, 04/20/2018)
  15. Curtis, Linda A. Shunned: How I Lost My Religion and Found Myself (reviewed by D Ferrara, 04/18/2018)
  16. Chadwick, Nancy. Under the Birch Tree (reviewed by Shawn LaTorre, 04/09/2018)
  17. Embry, Paige. Our Native Bees: North America's Endangered Pollinators and the Fight to Save Them (reviewed by Susan J. Tweit, 04/09/2018)
  18. Goodwin, B. Lynn. Never Too Late: From Wannabe to Wife at 62 (reviewed by Judy Alter, 04/02/2018)
  19. Romeo, Lisa. Starting With Goodbye (reviewed by B. Lynn Goodwin, 04/02/2018)