Recent Reviews/Interviews/Features



  1. Briscoe, Mary-Elizabeth. The First Signs of April (reviewed by Mary Jo Doig, 08/20/2018)
  2. Fountain, Ellen Allgaier. A Little Slice of Sky (reviewed by D Ferrara, 08/20/2018)
  3. Flitner, Mary Budd. My Ranch, Too (reviewed by Linda M. Hasselstrom, 08/17/2018)
  4. Friedland, Jacqueline. Trouble the Water (reviewed by Ann McCauley, 08/17/2018)
  5. Biello, Tina. Playing into Silence (reviewed by Mary Ann Moore, 08/15/2018)
  6. Ball, Charlene. interview (conducted by Pat Bean, 08/13/2018)
  7. Still, Phillis. interview (conducted by Pat Bean, 08/13/2018)
  8. Trommer, Rosemerry Wahtola. Naked for Tea (reviewed by Jazz Jaeschke, 08/13/2018)
  9. Umbarger, Caren. The Passion of Marta (reviewed by Fran Hawthorne, 08/08/2018)
  10. Stark-Nemon, Barbara. Hard Cider (reviewed by Amy Hale Auker, 08/07/2018)
  11. Gartz, Linda. Redlined: A Memoir of Race, Change, and Fractured Community in 1960s Chicago (reviewed by Susan Hanson, 08/06/2018)
  12. Martinelli, Ardine. Listening to My Life: My Journey Through Fear to Trust (reviewed by Trilla Pando, 08/03/2018)



  13. Carter, Michelle. From Under the Russian Snow (reviewed by Phoebe Tussey, 07/18/2018)
  14. Masih, Tara Lynn. My Real Name is Hanna (reviewed by B. Lynn Goodwin, 07/06/2018)
  15. Lieberman, Joan Carol. Optimal Distance: A Divided Life, Part One (reviewed by D Ferrara, 07/05/2018)



  16. Tierney-Bedord, Holly. Sweet Hollow Women (reviewed by Ann McCauley, 06/22/2018)
  17. Harrigan, Sharon. Playing with Dynamite (reviewed by Mary Jo Doig, 06/21/2018)
  18. Kane, Donna. Summer of the Horse (reviewed by Mary Ann Moore, 06/21/2018)
  19. Hasselstrom, Linda. interview (conducted by Pat Bean, 06/20/2018)
  20. Volker, Christine. interview (conducted by Pat Bean, 06/20/2018)
  21. Strader, Linda. Summers of Fire: A Memoir of Adventure, Love and Courage (reviewed by Susan J. Tweit, 06/10/2018)
  22. Pelman, Barbara. Narrow Bridge (reviewed by Mary Ann Moore, 06/08/2018)
  23. Clark, Kim. A One-Handed Novel (reviewed by Mary Ann Moore, 06/05/2018)