Recent Reviews/Interviews/Features



  1. Miller, Rose. Girls Can Be Cowboys Too! (reviewed by Denise McAllister, 03/25/2019)



  2. Goska, Danusha. God Through Binoculars: A Hitchhiker at a Monastery (reviewed by Christine Baleshta, 02/19/2019)
  3. Watkins, Terry H. Darling Girl (reviewed by B. Lynn Goodwin, 02/17/2019)
  4. Carpenter, Angelica Shirley. Born Criminal: Matilda Joslyn Gage, Radical Suffragist (reviewed by Susan Schoch, 02/15/2019)
  5. Adam, Suzanne. Notes from the Bottom of the World: A Life in Chile (reviewed by Pat Bean, 02/14/2019)
  6. Loewenstein, Laurie. Death of A Rainmaker: A Dust Bowl Mystery (reviewed by D Ferrara, 02/12/2019)



  7. Cann, Helen. How to Make Hand-Drawn Maps (reviewed by Mary Ann Moore, 01/23/2019)
  8. Stewart, Susan Avery. Winter's Graces: The Surprising Gifts of Later Life (reviewed by Trilla Pando, 01/23/2019)
  9. Hawthorne, Fran. The Heirs (reviewed by Ann McCauley, 01/18/2019)
  10. Stephens, Lori Ann. Novalee and the Spider Secret (reviewed by B. Lynn Goodwin, 01/05/2019)
  11. Black, Brenda Clem. Black & Kiddo: A True Story of Dust, Determination, and Cowboy Dreams (reviewed by Mary Jo Doig, 01/04/2019)
  12. Bates, Sally Harper. Facing West: Voices of Western Women (reviewed by Denise McAllister, 01/03/2019)