Getting Reviewed: For Authors & Publishers

SCBR provides a review venue for small/independent presses, university and regional presses, and for women authors whose books may not be reviewed elsewhere. We welcome books written by women, for women, with an emphasis on women's lives, in over a dozen categories. We review new books, reissues, and print-on-demand books. We do not usually review books published more than two years before the current date, except for classics in women's literature, which are always timely. SCBR is sponsored by the Story Circle Network, which also sponsors the Sarton Women's Book Awards. We are an Amazon affiliate.

If you would like us to review a book, submit this query form. Do NOT telephone the SCN office for a query or an inquiry, or email staff for information on a book submitted for review. Your call/email will not be returned. See items 7 and 9 below for further information on reviews published. Thank you for your attention to our guidelines.

Review copies sent without prior approval will not be offered for review. They will be donated to a local library.

Before you submit, please review this information:

  1. We do not review out-of-print books, manuscripts, or unbound galleys.

  2. We review hardcover or tradepaper books; only rarely do we publish reviews of mass market (paperback) genre fiction.

  3. We do not review books in electronic format only. That is, if your book is available only for an ebook reader (such as Kindle) and not in print, we cannot review it.

  4. All books must meet professional standards of content and editorial preparation. We must see a copy of the book and be assured of its production qualities before we agree to submit it to our panel of reviewers.

  5. Unsolicited books will NOT be considered for review.

  6. Please do not send press kits or promotional materials. They will not be forwarded to the reviewer.

  7. We do not accept reviews written or submitted by a book's author or publisher.

  8. We do not accept author/publisher requests for specific reviewers.

  9. Our turn-around time is normally 6-8 weeks. If we review your book, we will email you the link.

  10. For promotion purposes, you may quote excerpts of up to 200 words from our reviews, with a link to the page on which the review is posted. Each review is copyrighted by the author. You will find reprint information at the bottom of the review page.

  11. Acceptance of a book for review does NOT guarantee review. We neither post reviews nor remove reviews at the demand of the author.

The Story Circle Network review team is made up of a team of writers and published authors who have a wide-ranging interest in women's writing. The team is led by published authors Susan Wittig Albert, Barbara Heming, and Judy Miller .